Sunday, February 21, 2021

Self-Care: Examples and Importance

We are in a competitive society where our pace of life is go-go-go!  As we go-go-go we forget to eat, take a quick walk, or BREATHE!  Quite often we are referred to mindfulness through meditation.  Our preconceived notion of meditation is closing our eyes, emptying our minds, and focusing on our breath.  However, in my experience mindfulness and meditation do not have to be the traditional forms of execution.  Any action that allows for clarity in mind is a form of mindfulness/meditation which allows for self-care.  Here are some examples and why:

Taking a walk in the park (or anywhere, just like rhyming):

Throw on some calming classical music and enjoy nature.  Find pleasure in the little things you see: a butterfly, a beautiful flower, raindrops falling gently off leaves, etc. 

Why important?  First, being in nature is grounding.  (Look up forest therapy).  Second, if you are focusing on the beauty around you then it allows you to take your mind off daily stressors!  Third, you are working out without it feeling overwhelming!  Who wouldn’t want to see a butterfly or a small waterfall 😊

Read a book:

A real book!  Not an online book! Read a fictional book. Enjoy the smell and the idea of turning the page.  While reading imagine the story-visualize it.

Why important?  If you can visualize what you are reading, it will be hard to focus on anything else! 

Work out:

Working out!  Whether it is through a peaceful yoga session, improved flexibility through Pilates, fun with dance, strength/flexibility with martial arts, or the thrill of shooting a three pointer!  There are so many avenues to get a workout that can be your cup of tea.  Let that place be your area of tranquility where your focus is solely on punching that bag 😉

Why important: Exercise allows the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin!  And when those are released, you relieve pain, stress, and become happy!


 Get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, eat out at your favorite restaurant!

Why important:  If you aren’t healthy, then you can’t help others or help your business grow.


Turn off the phone or put on the “do not disturb.”   You don’t have to immediately respond to texts, emails, and be on call 24-7.  Set your hours and stick to them.  Say no ~ you should not do everything!

Why important:  You do not want to burn out.  Let your light shine!


Get that sleep in!  6-8 hours.  

Why important:  If you don't sleep, then how can you stay awake to get important stuff done!

What do you do to pamper yourself or put yourself first?  How are you going to implement alternative mindfulness and meditation?