Friday, February 26, 2016

Females/Instructors: Open Minded training

Training in martial arts is an intrinsic part of my life.   Being an Instructor/Owner of a school is very important to me.  When we hold this title, it is our responsibility to our students to know and understand that what we teach is accurate and is taught to meet the needs of our students.

As a female instructor I find my position extremely important.  Why?  It is rare to find women engaging in martial arts.  Those that do have taken a step of courage, either because they desire a competitive lifestyle, seek to learn self-defense, a good exercise, or a mode of self-empowerment.  For any of the aforementioned reasons, or even those not mentioned, it is of utmost importance that females understand what they are learning to be accurate and realistically feasible in a real-life situation.  What you learn in class, is not self-defense: it is situational reality. 

Alternatively, as a student you must know that it is equally important to voice when you are uncomfortable or simply ask questions when something does not make sense.  Seek individuals who can support you, if that is a must, but there is no reason to shy away if something is wrong. 

Back to the importance of teaching:

Our students look up to us.  They listen because we are the expert on the topic.  Henceforth, we must make sure that what we profess is not a falsified presentation of confidence, ability, etc, but is simply the truth.  How can this be developed?  Through solid curricula-through lineage of Masters/Instructors.  By having an open mind.

Below are postings of videos to foster thought process to help students learn what would best work for them.  To understand flaws in systems.  What best works for you is not necessarily for everyone else.  But always remember this: if your primary goal is to learn self-defense, then your primary end goal is to escape.  My philosophy in self-defense is that “game plan a” must work; it must be quick, and I must escape.  Sport, of course, is different.    But if you must have a plan b, plan c, then those are precious seconds lost in a self-defense situation when your life is on the line.  Look at these videos as self-defense scenarios... what would work-what would not have worked.  Hear what people have to say.  Have an open mind to expand your learning.

FYI:  some of the links have foul language  (Evolution occurs with any art.  What are your thoughts?)  (learn from your losses)  (Metamoris analysis on results)  (the fight was quick and ended in a stand up 
match…. Hm… why not do the same?  Good for a self-defense or sport approach)

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