Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Style of Martial Arts

Look at it your art from a self-defense perspective.  
My question to myself is that if I am in a fight, where would I want to be?  If I am asked to visualize a fight, what would it look like?  

I would want to end the fight from stand up.  If I end up on the ground, I would prefer to be on the top.  I would not voluntarily go to my back or to ground for that matter.  Why?  I find being on my back is too compromising.  If it is difficult to get some one off you or to choke/arm bar them from your back then won't it be even harder in reality.   Imagine if a person has rage, anger, or the intent to harm behind their attack?  Would this be the position you want?  NO.  Run, or stay on top till you can safely escape.
Now, if I end up on my back because of some situations out of my control, then that is a different story- then I have techniques that I should use to escape. 

So in summary,
1.     Going to your back as my primary offense/defense... is not in our benefit in a self-defense situation. 

2.     If you are placed on your back due to conditions outside of your control, then do everything you can to escape.  Don't stay on your back for too long. Use your energy to reverse the position or get back to standing to run. 

Just remember, which fight starts on your back/bottom?  Think of a dog.  The weaker dog or to have command of a dog, you put it on its back...  Think of wars, we stand and fight.  Where do you want to be?

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