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Yudo (Judo)...BJJ- my take

I have trained in multiple styles including Yudo (Judo).  I also trained in BJJ.  My reason behind learning BJJ began with wanting to learn how to protect myself if I am ever on the ground... fair enough.  However, I have an inquisitive personality and ask lots of questions regarding what I learn such that when I teach it, I know and understand every aspect of my arts- whether it be the history, the technique, the application, etc...I want to know it completely so that I can teach it completely with accuracy to my students.

The key to understand  an art is to learn it completely.  Learn and respect the history of the art.   One must give credit where it belongs.  One must understand if the change/the evolution of the style is for a positive growth.  Use the knowledge and wisdom of Martial Artist who have been training all their lives to understand what you are learning.  Talk and learn from your Master/Instructor.

Research Reference 1 and 2

Ronda Rousey a well known Judo athlete, at the olympic level, and now dominant in the MMA world, trains at Gracie Academy.  The Gracie brothers explain key differences, in the video below, between Judo and BJJ.

An explanation on Judo versus BJJ from Gracie Academy while Teaching Ronda Rousey and Ronda's mom's take on the Judo Sport.


My take:
Judo- don't go to the back.
BJJ-  It is okay to go to the back.  Learn to feel calm on the back
1.  I think, a man attacks me... am I going to go to my back!?!?!?!? NO.  I want to end the match quickly and standing.  And, if we end up on the ground, I will be on top to control, and escape.  Imagine the situation for yourself.
2. Ronda went to the MMA world because there is very little support for Olympic level Judo athletes.  That does not mean she is training in BJJ or has transitioned to be a BJJ athlete.  Ronda is a Judo athlete- that is why we see success beyond success from her.  She has learned an art in all its aspects.  Not to mention that in a post interview after her last fight, Ronda expressed that she was happy that she did not go to her back and followed her instinct in Judo techniques of staying on top.  This is due to the years given towards practice and repetition.  Her body 1. reacts with muscle memory and 2. she is very aware of what her opponent is doing and how to react.  

Research Reference 3, 4, 5:

Ronda Rousey made a comment that she could beat a BJJ Practitioner who competes at the top levels of BJJ.  Obviously, it caused ripples in the water.  Take a look at the articles below.

BJJ and JuJitsu are not the same or are they?
  Article 1: Ronda's comments on grappling bjj women:

  Article 2: female bjj response to Ronda's comments:

  Article 3: female bjj response to Ronda's comments:

  My take:

Granted that a little more respect could have been used in the world of competition,  however, MMA is not a place where respect is high on the priority list, in my opinion. 

Sometimes you will see respect in the competition world through the shaking of hands, bowing, etc.  

One must also remember that elite competitors have an all-assuming personality embodying the personae they will and can win.  That is the mentality of an athlete-an athlete must have this mentality in order to win.

However, what really catches my eye is how BJJ and JuJitsu/Jiu-Jitsu are used interchangeably.

From the teachings of Japanese Jiu Jitsu to Judo to BJJ, techniques have changed. While the Livestrong Article states that BJJ schools teach throws, not all do.  Not all school teach strikes.  Not all schools teach self-defense.  

And the techniques created and taught by Jigoro Kano

are not seen in BJJ but in Judo. So, where does BJJ come from?  In reality it comes from Judo, but where or how is that being acknowledged in BJJ Schools?  Do you see the correct techniques/formation or is it watered down?

You can't have the evolution without the history.  You can't learn and grow with out understanding the technique.  You can't understand technique if you don't know basics.  You won't know basics if you don't know where and how they originated. 

Now it is your turn... what truth are you seeking?

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